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Perineal spray bottle

Perineal spray bottle

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A soothing spritz for your lady bits. Something you may never have thought of using...until now.

Ditch the harsh hospital toilet paper. The peri bottle is a little squirt bottle with a perfectly angled spout to give you targeted relief during those uncomfortable days and weeks after childbirth.

PS: Peri is short for perineum, the area between your vagina and anus—also the place where you will be sore, sometimes even torn or stitched, and when you go to the toilet after birth it may burn... often something that's not discussed.

Best time to use this little miracle bottle is while peeing. Fill the bottle with warm water and while on the toilet, point the tip towards your lady parts and gently squeeze the bottle to squirt the water over the region. This will ease any burning sensation by diluting the urine. 

400ml capacity. Comes with storage bag. 

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