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The Birth Bundle

hospital bag packing cubes set.

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You're about to pack one of the most important bags you'll ever have to pack.

The Birth Bundle 7-set hospital bag packing cubes have been designed to match our hospital bag checklist (included), maximising your suitcase space and allowing you to find everything you need at a quick glance, and then you can reuse them for future travel! 

With five cubes (for birth, for baby, toiletries and underwear) a shoe bag and an extras pouch for various little things that you don't want to forget.

Available in grey, each set includes the following waterproof, labelled bags:

  • for baby - Large mesh cube with buckles (42cm W x 29.5cm H) 
    You know all those cute newborn onesies, singlets, wraps, hats and mittens you've been buying? Sort them into seperate outfits, add a nappy, roll them up in a wrap/swaddle and fill this cube up. It'll make it much easier for you (or the nurse or support person) to find a new outfit quickly during your hospital stay. Refer to the 'baby' column of the hospital bag essential checklist for more ideas on what to pack in here.
  • for birth - Medium mesh cube with buckles (33cm W x 25cm H)
    Designed for mum to pack all the things she needs for the birth and postpartum. It's big enough to include a robe, bathers (water birth) and all the things mum plans to have in the birth room, or afterwards to help her feel comfortable and warm. Refer to the 'birth' and 'mum' columns of the hospital bag essential checklist for more ideas of what to pack in here.

  • toiletries - Small mesh cube (25cm W x 21cm H)
    Self-explanatory but all the things for your first shower and freshen ups. Cosmetics, pads and creams and everything in between...Don't forget your toothbrush (but we have those too if you need one!) Refer to the 'toiletries' column of the hospital bag essential checklist for more ideas on what to pack in here.
  • first outfit and announcement - Small mesh cube (20.5cm W x 29cm H)
    CAUTION This may contain the cutest and most important items. You might not know this but you'll need to give the baby's first outfit to the nurses, so we've dedicated a bag for you to store them. 
    We also thought you might need a spot to put announcement photo props, plaques, outfits and swaddles for the photo you're going to send family and friends.. pop all of that cuteness in here too. 
  • underwear - Small cube (26.5cm W x 14cm H)
    Perfect size for your bras and those sexy maternity underwear, postpartum shorts - we know all about them ;)
  • shoes - Drawstring bag (26.5cm W x 34cm H)
    This bag will fit a pair of thongs for the shower and slip-on slippers (have you seen our fluffy ones?)
  • extras - Zip pouch (26cm W x 21cm H)
    For everything else, phone charger (an extra long one if you can), air pods, camera... Refer to the 'other' column of the hospital bag essential checklist for more ideas on what to pack in here.

Happy packing!!

 These hospital bag packing cubes are exclusive to The Birth Bundle. Please contact us for wholesale enquiries.

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Clark
Must have for hospital bag!

As a first time mom this has brought me so much relief, so I can pack my hospital bag neatly and effortlessly and my partner can find all my things! Thank you!

Thanks so much for the awesome feedback Sarah! I'm so glad we could play a small part in getting you prepared :) All the best xx