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The Birth Bundle

personalised packing cubes.

personalised packing cubes.

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Our 7-set packing cubes are designed to maximise your suitcase space and allow you to find everything you need... quickly.

- four cubes (with handles)
- three pouches
- hospital bag checklist and birth plan template included
- water resistant and 100% washable 

Available in three options:

  • Plain cubes (this will be a blank set/no labels)
  • Personalised travel set (name on outer cube, rest of the cubes will be blank)
  • Personalised hospital bag set (personalised name on outer cube and each cube labelled as per the below)

Hospital bag set includes the following:

  • Personalised cube: Designed for mum to pack all the things she plans to have in the birth room or afterwards, to help her feel comfortable and warm. Refer to the 'birth' and 'mum' columns of the hospital bag checklist.

  • baby: For those newborn clothes. Refer to the 'baby' column of the hospital bag checklist for more ideas on what to pack in here. (32x26cm)

  • toiletries: Them first shower feels. Basic cosmetics, pads and creams and everything in between...Refer to the 'toiletries' column of the hospital bag checklist. (30x22cm)
  • first outfit: You’ll need to give the baby's first outfit to the nurses, so we've dedicated a bag for you to easily hand that over to them. We also thought you might need a spot to put announcement photo props, plaques, outfits and swaddles for the photo you're going to send family and friends.. pop all of that cuteness in here too. (26x35cm). 

  • underwear: Nice and discreet for your maternity underwear and bras, postpartum shorts/briefs. (29x20cm)

  • shoes: A drawstring bag to fit a pair of thongs for the shower and/or slippers. (21x35cm)

  • other: A small zip pouch for smaller items eg, phone charger (we highly recommend packing an extra long one), air pods... Refer to the 'other' column of the hospital bag checklist. (25x17cm)

Happy packing!!

These packing cubes are exclusive to The Birth Bundle. Please contact us for wholesale enquiries.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Great and easy for my partner to find stuff in the hospital

Sarah Clark
Must have for hospital bag!

As a first time mom this has brought me so much relief, so I can pack my hospital bag neatly and effortlessly and my partner can find all my things! Thank you!

Thanks so much for the awesome feedback Sarah! I'm so glad we could play a small part in getting you prepared :) All the best xx