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The birth bundle


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When it comes to packing for the hospital, we have mums covered but what about dad? Whether it's your first, second or sixth baby, dads can often be at the hospital for long hours or overnight, or they're travelling between home and hospital juggling other siblings.

We asked some new dads what would have helped them feel that little more prepared for those first few days in hospital...(and of course we threw in some snacks and celebratory items).

Inside the dad bundle:
  • 23rd Street Distillery Hybrid Whiskey (50ml) 

    Distinctive, unusual, delicious. Toasty Oak like aromas with hints of sweet sherry are lifted and sweetened by floral and fruity notes. Rounded malt like flavours and the rich sherry characters are evident on the palate, with as toasty oak and some what oily nuttiness to the finish. To be savoured neat or with a little water or ice.

  • Romeo Y Julieta Puritos Cuban cigar
    Well balanced and aromatic, with a light-medium flavour.

  • Bondi Wash deodorant (50ml)

    An all-natural blend of anti-bacterial lemon tea-tree and mandarin oils, German chamomile extract and magnesium to naturally deodorise, maintain a healthy pH and leave skin soft. 

  • VISA gift card $50 
    to cover the hospital parking, takeaway dinners, coffee orders

  • Do Good Labs snack mix 
    savoury blend of smoked corn, soya crisps and salted cashews that will take you to the sandy beaches of Mexico. This mix is best cracked open and enjoyed with people you care about to celebrate life!

  • Notepad for dad + pen 
    Jot down who to call/text to announce your new arrival/s, reminders and must dos! (Example: Must take photos, Don't forget to feed the dog and water the indoor plants, bring mum a coffee...)  you get the point...

  • Bamboo toothbrush and toothpaste

  • Chewing gum