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Mikash Skincare

Organic barrier balm

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The Mikash Skincare organic barrier balm is packed full of nature’s goodness, with only 4 recognisable ingredients.

Suitable for all skin types and ages from infants and adults. 
One of Mikash's best selling products to date, with 1000’s of happy customers Australia wide that swear by it helping them and their loved ones with their skin conditions. 

The organic barrier balm is super versatile and can be used for most skin conditions from dry/ flaky skin to rashes and more!

This organic barrier balm is waterless and does not contain any harmful chemicals such as thickeners, preservatives & perfume. 

Safe from Petroleum, parabens & palm oil. 
Handmade in Melbourne, in small batches using Australian certified organic ingredients. 
For full product and usage information refer to Mikash Skincare.