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The Birth Bundle

the travel pack.

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Pop this convenient little pack in your nappy bag or handbag and have those main necessities within hands reach, saving every drop of that precious breast milk while you're on the go.

The purse comes in two designs (floral and strokes) with your choice of either the breast milk saver or the deluxe collection shells. More information provided below on each of the milk collection products.

Inside the breastfeeding travel pack: 

  • Lansinoh nipple cream
  • Mumasil breast milk saver OR Mumasil breast milk deluxe collection shells 
  • Milk log + pen
  • x1 pair of organic reusable breast pads
  • packed nicely in a small waterproof-lined purse


About the Mumasil products

The Mumasil Breast Milk Saver works by suctioning to your breast to create a hands free container that catches the breast milk that would normally be lost from a letdown or leaking breasts. Great for using whilst feeding on the opposite side or to relieve engorgement between feeds.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Holds 100ml of breast milk
  • Dishwasher and steam steriliser safe
  • Lightweight and compact design perfect for traveling
  • No assembly required
  • Catch your precious breast milk when feeding from the opposite breast instead of a breast pad.
  • Convenient to have by your bedside to relieve engorgement at night.
  • Handy spill-proof lid also included.
  • Made fro100% FDA approved medical grade silicone. 

The Mumasil deluxe collection shells are genius and super discrete! They include a plug to prevent leaks and a hard travel case! Pop these shells inside your bra to collect let-down throughout the day and save every precious drop of your liquid gold! 

Once you have finished collecting your let-down, open the plug on the top and safely pour your milk into a container or bottle.

- Comes with two collection shells with a hard travel case.


For more information see Mumasil's ‘How to use’ and ‘Frequently asked questions’ pages.